The taste of my Denmark

The taste of my Denmark is the taste of the good traditions where memories are made - tapas under a beautiful sunset, coffee, blankets and cosiness on the sofa or a good birthday dinner with good friends. The taste of my Denmark is the taste of smiles, joy and closeness.
At Svansø, we have developed a number of delicious recipes that can provide the setting for cosy memories with your loved ones. Explore our "Taste of my Denmark" universe and find inspiration for wonderful recipes and enter the competition for fantastic prizes.


Aioli & toppings

The taste of my Denmark is the taste of cosy moments. With our wide range of aioli and toppings at Svansø, you have plenty of opportunity to invite your loved ones to a wonderful tapas evening under the evening sun, or to give a taste boost to a delicious sandwich that you can take on a nice trip out into the blue. In our Aioli and toppings range you will find everything you need to create wonderful memorable experiences.

- The taste of good food with good friends


Soups that taste

The taste of my Denmark evokes good memories, security and peace. It's cosiness in the company of those who are close to you. Make the most of the sun's last rays with a warm and colourful soup.
With The Taste of My Denmark we have created a number of lovely recipes for the chilly autumn days. Did you know that at Svansø we have a wide range of soups that can be ready in just a few minutes? The perfect solution for an easy and tasty everyday meal.

- The taste of the evening sun's last rays


The taste of cosiness

The taste of my Denmark is the taste of good memories and intimacy in the company of those you love. It's cosiness and time to slow down. The taste of Denmark is the encounter with autumn, cold cheeks and the trees slowly shedding their last beautiful leaves. Time to retire indoors, where the smell of home baking spreads within the walls of your home. Create cosiness and spoil your loved ones with delicious homemade baked goods.
At Svansø we have a wide range of accessories for baked goods. Everything from almonds and nuts to freeze-dried berries, which are perfect as a garnish on beautiful cakes. Get inspiration on delicious baked goods here.


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The taste of spending time together

the taste of my Denmark